Virtual Computing Technology is prepared to help you address your on demand enterprise-wide solutions. Our solution portfolio is organized to encompass:


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    Infrastructure strategy and planning can help you attain greater business value from your investment in infrastructure by developing a roadmap for building a dynamic IT infrastructure aligned to the demands of your business.

    • Helps transform IT infrastructures to enable flexibility and enhance business responsiveness
    • Analyzes business value and provides business case development for optimization projects as well as new delivery environments such as cloud computing
    • Can prioritize sources of energy savings across the distributed environment and the data center
    • Quickly incorporates emerging technologies into the existing infrastructure
    • Enhances IT service delivery quality
    • Lowers costs through infrastructure optimization
    • Facilitates the reinvestment of cost savings into IT-enabled innovation

    There’s increased awareness of the rapidly maturing cloud services market and it is no longer an IT "buzz" word. It is now being viewed as a collection of new technologies that are an extension of sourcing strategies for CIOs and IT managers. The public and private cloud delivery models can be added to an enterprise services sourcing portfolio, just as managed services were utilized in the past. Many IT organizations are excited and are now thinking about how they can leverage the hybrid cloud within their company. Now it is up to the CIO’s and senior leadership of enterprises to determine how to leverage the new hybrid technologies to spring their company forward in the future. This is a difficult business problem but at least now there are options to further enable their organization to grow. Are you encountering these challenges and would like to know how we can help to turn them into exciting opportunities?

    Virtual Computing Technology can help IT Organizations evaluate the services they offer to their end user communities and help build private clouds and source public clouds. The emergence of a number of self-proclaimed ‘open’ cloud platforms presents any would-be cloud adopter with a confusing plethora of choices. How do you find the right cloud provider? There's not a consistent checklist either small or large companies can go through to make the selection. Let us help you develop a consistent methodology to select the right solution for the services that fits your specific requirements.

    Knowledge and expertise are critical to realizing the greatest benefit from virtualization. VCT delivers expert virtualization services that span consulting, design/build, implementation, management, and maintenance of a virtualized infrastructure. Whether it’s server, storage, network or desktop virtualization, we have the expertise to help you make the best decisions to execute on your virtualization strategy.

    Security is a key building block of a dynamic infrastructure.  By making the infrastructure more secure, CIOs empower their organizations to leverage new technologies for collaboration, innovation and business growth – and respond to the changing dynamics of business more quickly and more confidently.
    Introducing IBM security solutions for a smarter planet. IBM Managed Security Services help you protect your dynamic infrastructure around the clock with security solutions that reduce costs, reduce complexity and increase security.

    Reduce costs
    For many years, thousands of CIOs have chosen IBM award-winning Managed Security Services for the benefits of reducing complexity, gaining better protection, demonstrating compliance all while lowering their overall total cost of ownership by an average of 55% in the first year.

    Reduce complexity
    New security requirements, coupled with new compliance mandates and rapidly evolving IT security threats, have created complex, sprawling security infrastructures throughout all industries. IBM Managed Security Services help you consolidate multi-vendor environments for easier management and operational focus. IBM security solutions helps CIOs answer these pressing questions:
    • Are we more secure today than we were yesterday?
    • Will we be more secure tomorrow than we are today?

    Virtually every aspect of a company's operation is vulnerable to disruption. Smarter business relies on sustaining continuous service and maintaining robust backup, storage, archiving and restore capabilities. IBM and IBM Business Partner solutions help develop and sustain smarter business operations and processes for when an IT environment is compromised, and can return IT infrastructure, critical applications and information to an acceptable condition following such interruptions in service. Business continuity and risk management solutions and services can help from planning and design, through implementation and management.