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People on-the-go expect to be able to work from anywhere, on any device. Mobile productivity is no longer a luxury; it’s fundamental to supporting a happy and productive workforce. Explore the award-winning enterprise mobility solutions from Citrix and see how they power the secure mobile workspaces that fuel anywhere-productivity.

Mobile productivity wherever, whenever

Device freedom

Secure file share and data sharing

Rethink your enterprise mobility management strategy

Most organizations have strategies in place to manage devices, apps and data, but these strategies are evolving. In a recent survey, more than 700 IT professionals provided a glimpse into how mobility technologies are evolving in their organizations.

Enterprises must re-evaluate existing mobility management strategies to account for the increase in complexity, including the growth of bring-your-own desktops and laptops and the need to support Windows apps and desktops on any device.

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Future-proof enterprise mobility

Mobility is changing everything; make sure your solution has you covered no matter what the future holds.

Mobility strategy for competitive advantage

People need access to Windows, datacenter, Web and native mobile apps to be productive from anywhere. CIO Magazine explores what it takes to transform an organization through mobility.

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Flexibility and user experience are critical

Mobility is changing everything; make sure your solution has you covered no matter what the future holds.

Best practices for secure enterprise mobility

Unlock the full potential of enterprise mobility by allowing people the freedom to access all their apps and data from any device, securely, and with a great user experience.

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Customers tackle mobility challenges

A comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution delivers significant benefits to all types of organizations.

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Deliver every app

Security is often the first reason IT pros look for a mobility solution, but workforce productivity is equally important. Making the right applications available is the key. Without access to the right apps on their mobile devices, workers face a gap that they will fill on their own. Avoid the app gap and the security and compliance risks it creates, and deliver any app with Citrix.

Keep mobile data secure

Users need to share, store, sync and secure data on any device, anywhere. IT needs to protect intellectual property and comply with regulatory requirements. Citrix ShareFile offers IT the ability to control sensitive corporate data while meeting the mobility and collaboration needs of users.

Securing the mobile workforce

Deliver any app to any device, anywhere.

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Explore the top five reasons Citrix ShareFile is the right fit for enterprises of all sizes.

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