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Whether in the office or on the go, you need to work with others to get things done. Citrix collaboration solutions allow you to connect with people, files and workflow tools from anywhere - so you can do your best work, whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Meet online

Web conferencing software helps teams meet anywhere at any time, and you can experience meaningful face-to-face interactions by sharing your screen and seeing others on video. This makes working from anywhere seamless and reduces the need for expensive trips to meet with extended team members, partners or customers.

Collaboration tools can save hundreds of thousands in business costs.

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Send files securely

An important part of collaborating with others is making access to files a seamless and intuitive part of every user’s day. People need access to their data from any device to be productive. Plus, they need a way to send large files without clogging email inboxes. But whether the files are housed on premises at the enterprise or in the cloud, it’s critical for businesses to know that their files are secure and managed - features that are not provided by the consumer cloud services used by employees on their own.

Keep track of people, projects and processes

Successful teamwork depends on clear organization around project management. Teams that value speed and agility need a tool that can keep all their conversations, content and processes in one place. This provides greater visibility and allows you to get more done together.