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Citrix gives businesses powerful ways to address key security and compliance priorities by ensuring the right level of secure access for every individual and situation. As business moves across locations, networks and devices, IT has the visibility and control it needs to protect and guard sensitive information assets without having to compromise workforce and end-user mobility, freedom or productivity. With Citrix, organizations:

Reduce risk and protect sensitive business information

Ensure security without compromising availability or usability

Achieve compliance, data privacy and data protection

Protect What Matters with Citrix

Solid security strategies must include smart policies, rigorous enforcement and deep monitoring/reporting, as well as provide people with the access they need. Citrix meets information security demands for the boardroom, executive management, IT and empowered end users.

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What your board wants to know
Corporate boards are more interested in security than ever before. Here’s how to engage them in a strategic dialogue about a topic with bottom-line implications.

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Employees - your greatest risk
Employees are one of your greatest risks to information security. Use these five proven techniques to strengthen your security strategy, engage with business groups and protect your organization.

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Compliance, compliance, compliance
Meeting security-related compliance requirements is an increasingly complex job. Focus on these three strategies to easily manage compliance.

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Citrix Solutions are Secure by Design

Citrix enables IT to simplify security, protect intellectual property, ensure data privacy and meet compliance mandates while promoting business productivity and growth. Complemented by industry-leading security partners, Citrix offers secure-by-design solutions.

Empowering information security with desktop virtualization
To control risk across the increasingly diverse computing landscape, organizations must centralize control of sensitive enterprise applications, ensuring that only authorized and authenticated users have access.

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Citrix NetScaler: A foundation for next-generation datacenter security
The need for robust datacenter security has never been greater. Citrix NetScaler, the best application delivery controller for building enterprise cloud networks, delivers an extensive portfolio of essential datacenter security capabilities.

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