Virtual Computing Technology

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Virtual Computing Technology is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions that deliver superior business results.

Our expert team of consultants and engineers has a singular focus: to exceed every client's expectations by fully understanding and cost-effectively solving their unique business challenges. Combining deep industry expertise with best-in-breed technologies, Virtual Computing Technology knows how to deliver solutions that help government and commercial organizations reduce costs, improve profitability, and build a competitive advantage. Our portfolio of services and solutions leverage our relationships with leading technology vendors in our industry. Our goal with every client is to stand out as an experience industry leader focusing on exceeding customer satisfaction and success.

A Message from the CEO

Cigi Oakley
Cigi Oakley
Cigi Oakley
CEO and Vice President of Sales

As CEO and Founder of Virtual Computing Technology (VCT), I would like to extend a warm welcome to VCT’s website and take the opportunity to share with you my vision and values as a leader.

After many years with IBM and completing a doctorate in Organizational Leadership I wanted to grow a company that fostered this experience in the I/T industry and education to create a company that values and practice honesty, integrity and ethical business. I truly believe that people are your number 1 asset, therefore if you treat them well you can expect excellence in their performance. VCT is in business to service its clients, providing leaders you can trust and solutions that work. Our mission is to exceed our clients expectations therefore resulting in repeat business.

Here is what VCT clients can expect:
- First and foremost, a team of professionals who will listen
- Maximized return on technology investments
- Improved alignment of business needs to IT
- Agility to respond to today’s issues and meet the challenges of tomorrow
- Optimized and better managed IT infrastructure resources
- Minimized risk associated with complex IT projects
- Improved efficiency & lower total cost of ownership

Virtual Computing Technology is an aggressively growing innovative business. I know that God has blessed me with talent, tenaciousness and good business acumen to succeed in an environment that demands the very best. VCT is committed to helping clients in the federal, public and commercial markets meet mission-critical business objectives.

Thank you for reviewing our website! I welcome your comments and questions at


Cigi Oakley